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1. Memory as a motion picture? – not likely - some simple calculations

2. The Stage Theory of Memory.  The three stages:

a. Sensory memory – Sperling’s experiment

b. Short-term memory (STM) – capacity: 7 + 2 items.

c. Long-term memory (LTM)

d. Levels of encoding of information:

3. Neurological evidence for theory -- Types of memory loss:

a. Anterograge amnesia

b. Retrograde amnesia

4. Memory as an ACTIVE process – Shallow vs. deep processing; mnemonic devices (rhythm, method of loci).

5. Retrieval –retrieval cues; state dependent retrieval and the principle of encoding specificity

6. Types of memory:

a. Episodic -- “I remember when …"

b. Semantic --“I know that …”

c. Procedural – knowing how to …

7. Constructing memories – How accurate is eyewitness testimony?