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Brains and Behavior

1. Cortical localization of brain functions: Franz Gall and the “science” of phrenology; Pierre Flourens’ mean demonstration; albation research; the law of mass action and the law of equipotentiality of brain parts.

2. Anatomy of the human nervous system

a. Central versus Reripheral nervous systems

b. The brain:

3. How do we know all this?

a. Naturalistic studies – the cases of Mary Rafferty and Phineas Cage

b. Dr. Penfield’s research.

4. One or two brains? - evidence from split brain research.


1. Many parts of the brain are involved in ANY action – there is no simplistic localization the way Gall thought.
2. Functions are somewhat localized but are still quite dynamic, i.e. can move from one area to another if need be.