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Emotion and Sleep

I. Directional phenomena.

1. Biological mechanisms responsible for fight or flight reactions

2. Review of the autonomic nervous system: Walter Cannon; the Parasympathetic NS (VEGETATIVE functions); Sympathetic NS (ACTIVATING functions)

3. Physiological indexes of emotional states – Heart Rate; Galvanic Skin Response; Respiration, etc.

4. The lie detector test – when does it work?


II. Activation

1. Sleep and its benefits:

  a. Alertness

  b. Health

  c. Energy

 d. Creativity

       2. What are the functions of sleep?  It is needed to:

a. Restore brain cells

b. Restore body cells

c. Maintain body functions during the night

d. Sort out the past and consider and plan the future

      3.   What determines dream content?  A few scientific hypotheses:

a. External stimuli

b. Internal sensory stimuli

c. Random firing of memory

      4. Architecture of a typical night’s sleep:  4 stages; REM sleep

      5.  Sleep disorders

a. Narcolepsy

b. Insomnia: transient vs. chronic

      6.  The detrimental consequences of sleep deprivation