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The Ethics of Psychological Research

1. Some history -- developing the APA code of ethics: the empirical approach of the Hobbs committee; the critical incidents technique

2. General ethical principles:

a. Competence

b. Integrity

c. Professional and Scientific Responsibility

d. Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity

e. Concern for Others’ Welfare

f. Social Responsibility

3. Categories of ethical standards (enforceable rules):

a. General Standards

b. Evaluation, Assessment, or Intervention

c. Advertising and Other Public Statements

d. Therapy

e. Privacy and Confidentiality

f. Teaching, Training Supervision, Research, and Publishing

g. Forensic Activities

h. Resolving Ethical Issues

4. Ethical guidelines for research with human participants

a. Planning the study: risks to the individual vs. benefits to humanity; Utilitarian theory and John Stuart Mill (end of 19th C English phil.)

b. Ensuring that participants are volunteers: informed consent and deception

c. Treating participants well